Direct Metal Laser Sintering


DMLS is the acronym for direct metal laser sintering. DMLS can be thought of as 3D printing for metal objects. The process uses a laser to precisely melt metal powder into a desired shape.

How DMLS Works

Creating an object with DMLS begins with a 3D CAD model of the object. This file is used by a DMLS machine as the basis for building the component. The DMLS machine builds the component using an additive method, and the 3D structure is constructed using a series of thin parallel layers. The machine begins the first layer by spreading out a very thin layer of powdered metal on the construction platform. A high-power fiber optic laser then accurately melts the metal in the appropriate areas as instructed by the CAD model. Each successive layer is built on top of the last layer and is fused to the layer below it.

This process allows for highly complex geometries to be created directly from the 3D model. It is fully automatic, allows parts to be finished in hours and without any tooling, and offers many advantages over other manufacturing methods.

Images courtesy of Morris Technologies and 3T RPD.